The Perfect 1st Blog Post

It takes me a long time to see clearly and then it seems to happen in an instant.

For years I told myself, “Perfectionism is bad, but I’m so far from perfect, I don’t have an issue with that.”

Agonizing over and procrastinating this blog made me finally recognize that I do..

I would also try to convince myself, "I don't need everything to be perfect, it just so happens to usually turn out perfectly." Right. And if it's not, it's physically painful.

I've attempted to start a blog SO many times. Today I saw a colleague on the 'gram posting about starting a blog and that's it - I'm doing it. I don't care what I think of what I write!

Years ago, a medicine man in Bali kindly predicted that I would be a "great teacher of yoga and meditation." That can never happen if I am too afraid of not being perfectly everything to everyone to put myself out there at all.

You deserve to have the opportunity to learn from my experiences, so I'm just going to start sharing and figure out as I go because I am losing my mind not living my dharma.

The fear is present but the work needs to be done, so here I am doing it.

Welcome to my blog!