Gratitude for colds and plans for 36

Yeah colds sucks. I got this really lame lingering one last week that just took me out of commission physically and mentally. And it felt especially defeating because the previous week I had just turned 36 and had all sorts of plans of how I was suddenly going to start behaving.

Actually, I’ve set fairly reasonable and realistic goals for my development and growth this year, but I wasn’t really able to start at all last week. Except that’s not true. I did do the one thing I was capable of doing that was a habit I’ve chosen to form.

I flossed my teeth everyday.

I’ve been a part-time flosser for ages and knew it was something I wanted to start doing actually every day. 2x a day can chill for a bit, but maybe down the road.

I wanted to start with something achievable to show myself I could do it because I’ve had a rough history with myself, often due to my chronic illness, also often due to excuses.

So I’ve been doing it everyday for a week and really looked forward to it yesterday and actually am already now just talking about flossing so much.

Today I am feeling beyond better than before I was sick because I am super grateful for the lessons that being sick always teaches me. I feel renewed, inspired and able to work on my next daily habit this week - cleaning/organizing for 1 hour everyday. This won’t be forever, but I majorly need to get caught up and experience what doing that on the reg feels like for a moment.

This week plan structure feels promising to me because it’s short enough to be accomplishable and also big enough chunk to feel important. Like so many days in a year to get shit done but only 52 weeks to work with better habits and healing.

I will let you know how it’s going.