The Death of Disagreement & some hope tho

I had an experience this morning that has got my mind racing to figure things out, so seems like the perfect time to write something that will be out on the internet forever.

I’m all about sharing though, and that’s why I’m so into Instagram.

What I’m finding in the “yoga community” there is a fairly tangible version of what’s happening throughout our society. The mentality is very much about agreeing blindly or unfollowing without comment.

Anything people post is supposed to be met with only adoring words of encouragement, and any sort of questioning or respectful disagreement is not allowed.

“Good Vibes Only” has been twisted to basically mean “adore me or GTFO.”

I’ve seen very few large yoga accounts that do not actively promote the concept of getting positive-only comments.

Does this mean that I think hateful, mean, and actual trolling comments are good and useful and should be encouraged? Umm the fuck no, obviously.

I think there is a way to deal with comments that cross the line that doesn’t shut down comments that stay respectful but point out other view points or ways that might be helpful.

I think it’s especially harmful to label any sort of disagreement as hateful, spiteful, or trolling simply because it’s another way to look at the situation that may initially feel threatening.

Svadhyaya (self-study) is a vital part of our yoga. The way that comes about is different for each of us. Mine is a lot of this shit. Putting my thoughts out there and sorting out what serves and what doesn’t, releasing what could harm and holding onto what helps.

I get threatened too and don’t always make the decision in alignment with the highest good.

And we just have to be able to talk about it and help each other in this society to move forward.

Being wrong is not such a big deal. I’m not the most right in many situations.

I work to use those times to learn from others who are offering the opportunity.

It’s my hope that we can come from a place of love where it’s okay to openly gently challenge each other to be better at times along with definitely cheering on and lifting each other up with sheer positivity at times.

We are so multi-faceted it’s okay to not be in complete alignment with every single aspect of a person and still completely support who they are and what they are doing for the world.