#SundaySutraStudy #1

Sutra 1.1 - atha yoganusasanam - translates loosely as “the practice of the dopest yoga begins now.”

What a beautiful way to start - taking the time to acknowledge the time anyone is reading this or thinking of this - now.

Now is the only time we can practice. Now is the only time our practice matters. We can practice yoga in every now that ever happens.

Now is also when I’m starting this hashtag to encourage this idea of bringing way more than just physical yoga into our #IGyogacommunity.

Please join me in discussing any one sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on a Sunday or close to it, and then taking that step towards enlightenment by working with that sutra throughout the week.

I will bring this “power of now” sutra into my life by remembering that at any moment I can begin the practice of yoga. Each time I lose it, it starts now. We all lose the practice at some point for varying amount of time, sometimes days, months, or minutes, and then it starts now.

Eventually with enough practice, and lifetimes, there is no losing it and it’s one continuous now of practice and union and balance of effort & ease.

- Shared from my Instagram.