#SundaySutraStudy #2

Sutra 1.2 - yogah cittavrtti nirodhah 🤯

Mind blown emoji bc this one is so powerful.⠀

* Yoga is the elimination of the fluctuations of our consciousness. *

So yoga isn’t touching your toes or pressing into handstand. It’s the process of shutting the fuck up inside your head as you get there. 

Can you ever really say nothing to yourself?

It’s hard! We’ve got so much “mind shit” as my teacher @intouchpoweryoga likes to call these fluctuations.

Luckily we’ve been given tons of instruction on how to get there and a whole physical system to help the process along while keeping the body healthy and able to sit in meditation. 🧘‍♀️

I think the physical practice is so powerful bc it helps us get those glimpses of stillness in the mind. Moving the body in different ways, using all sorts of muscles in precise ways, and just building heat and sweat helps us to clear the mind of anything else bc we are focused on those things in the moment.

Then after the hard work comes the chill part and just noticing your breath. And often, without even trying, you can find those moments of complete stillness in not just the body, but really the mind. Doing nothing and simply being.

And there’s the yoga.