I'm back with a coffee analogy.

I’ve been doing it again. That thing where I don’t write anything because I’m too overwhelmed by sneaky ass perfectionism.

It was helpful just to go to my page today and read my past stuff and go “that’s not THAT bad.”

So this isn’t specifically about anything in particular, except that I’m writing here again.

Part of that inspiration to get back to it is something personal I’m working on that’s been brewing for awhile, but well, let’s take this analogy a step back and then many steps forward…

It’s like I’ve been thinking about making coffee, and I’ve been looking at bags of beans for a long time. I finally bought the beans earlier this month and just today put them into the machine. The next week or so I’ll be figuring out the buttons, and then I’ve got a few months of brewing.

But my “coffee” is on it’s way!

And I’ll just tell you - that coffee isn’t a workshop or video series or even a book, it’s my personal dopest life and I’m making it happen. Book one day though.